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Day 01 (Sun 6/28/09)

Our Adventure Begins

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ROUTE: Silverdale to Skykomish, WA DISTANCE:  77 Miles TOTAL CLIMBING:  7,737 feet

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(This is cool if you like lots of data! It may take a few seconds to load but you can hit play and time compress our ride)

DAILY REPORT:  Weather started out cool and misty and by noon it was sunny and in the mid 70's; plus we had a healthy tail wind pushing us the pass.

WOW!! So where do I start? It was a great send off this morning we had lots and lots of family and friends down at Old Town Silverdale Park to wish us well and send us off. It was very moving. Yesterday the Minc Family placed a send off board on our driveway. Very nice!! (I should say that I didn't get to bed this morning until 0430 - so I had 2 hrs of sleep before we were up and getting ready. I am trying to get this all completed before midnight so I can get five hours of sleep tonight; but I digress....)

We started out by thanking everyone.....this event truly would not have been possible with out all the great support by lots of kind folks and organizations. Thanks to all our sponsors and individuals who have donated their time, resources, dollars, kind encouragement. This has all been very cool!! Thanks!!

At 0745 we headed down to the waterfront were we dipped our rear wheels in Sinclair Bay. It is customary to dip the rear wheel in the Pacific and then the front wheel in the Atlantic. Also we took a small container of seawater and will pour it into the Atlantic at VA bch, VA when we arrive there in 43 days; once again symbolizing the trek from West to East.

We headed back up tot he parking lot, said a few more farewells, hugs and hand shakes and then we were off. We had the great fortune to have quite a few friends opt to bike with us from Silverdale to the Kingston ferry. The distance was just about 18 miles; perfect for a social ride. We had some great conversations and I think we almost recruited a few that would have been interested in riding over the Cascades with us except they had a few other commits today!!

We caught the 1010 ferry over to Edmonds. Doug Schleiger actually drove out to the ferry to wish us well! Thanks Doug. Debby and Fitz took the ferry with us to go visit their folks over in Edmonds. We had a nice time talking about our days back in Hawaii.

The ferry landed and we were off. We planned to take 524 out of Edmonds and connect with 522 and then route 2. We did stop once to ask directions just to be sure and Virginia at who was getting coffee at an espresso stand was nice enough to confirm we were heading in the right direction but was visibly concerned that we were actually going to bike all the way to VA bch. She was very cute. Thanks!

We stopped in Monroe to have lunch compliments of Taco Bell. Thanks Peter Braun! We were at our 40 mile mark and need to take a break and refuel. Lunch hit the spot and we were off again. Skip went ahead to do a little exploring and to take care of our lodging. While he was out exploring and taking pictures he came across a bear that ran across the road and was in the mood for some candid camera shots.

We arrived at the Cascadia Inn in Skykomish WA. A very nice little inn. I thought it was appropriate to celebrate with a cold bottle of Moose Drool -  it really hit the spot. Then is was some nice hot showers and a big meal there at the restaurant at the Inn. We would also really like to thank owner Harry who waived our room fee tonight. Very nice!!

During dinner we briefed tomorrow's ride. Looks like we have another 3,000 ft to climb over Steven's Pass and 35 miles of down hill ride. Now that will be fun!!

Well it's midnight I need to get some shut eye. John went to bed an hour ago. Cheers and check in tomorrow!!






Skip - John gave Skip his second cell phone for the trip today and Skip was having some technical challenges in figuring out to use his phone. So the first time we called Skip, he didn't answer because the phone was on silence. John fixed that. The second time we called him, it turned out the ring tone sounded little a tribble from Star Trek. So Skip told John he needed a "manly" ring tone not some sick cat!


So we are biking along and pass a sign that John wanted to have his picture taken next to this sign. We turn around and this is what we found.


Dave of Silverdale Cyclery took care of our last minute parts we needed. Thanks!!

The riders who headed out to Kingston with us

David, Fitz, & Skip enjoying the morning ferry ride.

Fueled by Taco Bell!!

John had a great ride today. This was the farthest he has biked this entire year -- 77 miles!!

Is there a resemblance here???

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