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Day 15 (Sun 7/12/09)

Fast Wyoming biking!!

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ROUTE: Dubois to Landers, WY DISTANCE:  75 miles (108 miles riding) TOTAL CLIMBING:  4589 feet

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(This is cool if you like lots of data! It may take a few seconds to load but you can hit play and time compress our ride. )

DAILY REPORT:  The weather report was basically a repeat of yesterday - for sunny skies and then clouding up in the afternoon. Expected highs were 90 deg. Chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Another great day for biking! 

We started out the day with a continental breakfast at the Twin Pines Lodge. The boys ate enough to get them thru till our lunch time meeting with Skip out near Fort Washakie. We also convinced Jennifer, the manager for a photo shoot. Thanks again for a very enjoyable stay. If you have an opportunity to be in the area of Dubois, check out the Twin Pines Lodge you won't be disappointed.

While we were in Jackson Hole, I picked up a new pair of Shimano cycling shoes because my pair were beginning to separate at the toe. I had repaired both with some shoe goo, but my left shoe was starting to come apart again. Last night I had put on the new Look cleats and was ready to ride w/ a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately the cleats felt really loose, so after we started I had to head back to the trailer to get my old pair  of shoes. Tonight I'll look at them again.

After we got going, it was a fast ride. The down hill ride and the lack of wind early in the morning made for a very nice ride. It was interesting to see how the scenery changed as the miles flew by. from sage, to trees, to rock formations to fields of hay. Our first 30 miles we were averaging greater than 20+ mph. 

We were pleasantly to find at a rest stop Granny Carole and Grandpa Bob taking pictures as we came up a small rise. They flew into Denver from Ft Myers FL two days ago for the next week will be following us as we travel WY and CO. It was great seeing them and they both looked great.  They then met us for lunch at  Fort Washakie. It is believed that Sacajawea is buried here in the town cemetery. 

After lunch we continued onto Landers which was 10 miles away. We were starting to experience a broadside headwind. We had decided after we reached Landers, we would check into our hotel room and then have Skip drive us out 30 miles down the road so that we could reduce our mileage tomorrow (126 miles to Rawlins).  This way we only have a 95 mile day tomorrow instead.

By the time we got out there (1530) the temp was in the 90's and unfortunately the wind had shifted so that we were going to have a head wind on the way back into town.  The boys road well but were bushed by the time we got backing to town. We were hot and tired so we stopped by McDonalds for a well deserved ice cream cone. It was great day of fast riding w/ an overall average speed of 19.1 mph for 108 miles!!

We arrived at our hotel; the Silver Spurs Hotel. Andrea the manager was nice enough to arrange a room for us for the evening. Thanks much for all you support!! The boys really enjoyed the pool.

Tomorrow is a long day of nearly 100 miles in which we will cross the continental divide two times on the way to Rawlings WY. The weatherman is predicting some nasty head wind on our way to Rawlings. There are minimal facilities along the way so we will be depending on Skip, our SAG support for water.

Thanks for joining us.....ride safely!! 

The Riding4Hope Team

(David, John, James & Skip)

Signing out 7/13/09; 0030








Verifying the route for the day. So where are we at?? How many hills today??

We loved the rock formations and color variations. And did I say we loved the down hills??!!

Along the fields, there were thousands and thousands of these grasshoppers along the road. The fields were just buzzing w/ all of them.

Thought this was a cool sign in Landers. 

James executing his recovery plan after a number of hill climbs during lunch!

Grandpa Bob, James, Granny Carole, John & David getting ready to go to dinner.

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