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Day 07 (Sat 7/4/09)

Rest day @ Quinn's Hot Spring Resort

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ROUTE: Paradise, MT DISTANCE:  None TOTAL CLIMBING:  None feet

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DAILY REPORT:  David, John, James and Skip. This is our rest day. Sunny and hot. Expected temp in around 95 deg.

We slept in till 1130 this morning. We needed (and deserved) rest. Hung out at the hot spring pull and Jacuzzi. We also did some laundry - Mom would be proud. The boys even folded their own clothes!! 

In the afternoon Skip and the boys played some Texas Hold'm. Dad repaired his biking shoes with shoe goo. I noticed they were starting to separate at the toe. Not good if they have another 2500 miles to go. 

Tonight we headed into town for some burgers and watch the fireworks in the town of Plains. We stopped at a little burger joint called the Crystal and they had the best milk shakes! If you pass thru Plains you definetly want to stop by for one. Then we headed over to the Fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. The "kids" area was a war zone!! I have never seen/heard so many fireworks before (with the exception of Hawaii on New Years eve! Those who have lived in Hawaii know what I mean.) It was just unbelievable the amount of ordnance that was brought to shoot out over the South Forks River. WOW!! The folks in Plains really know how to celebrate the 4th of July!!

Thanks for joining us.....ride safely!! Happy 4th of July!!

The Riding4Hope Team

(David, John, James & Skip)







John - "My brain works so fast. I say all the right things but I don't know why!"

David - "When it comes to hotels I didn't realize what a great negotiator Skip is. He has saved us a bundle, not to mention how funny and handsome he is."

Skip - I gave the boys their first poker lesson today. James needs poker etiquette lessons. He kept counting everyone's chips and bragging about his skills. Guess who won. Both John and I were ready to pound him.



We did laundry today. The boys and I each had a full bag of clothes after six days. Interestingly, Skip only needed to have two polo shirts washed. He has been throwing out his T shirts as we have been traveling so he wouldn't have to do laundry. Interesting concept!!

James multitasking while talking on the phone and seeing if the dryer is hot. He is ready for college!



Looking for babes at the hot spring......


Great views from the lodge.


Look, not only bikers like protein bars; so do the local chipmunks (as John discovered)

The twins taking lessons from Obi One Kenobi. James just learned that a flush beats three of a kind. 

Quick photo after dinner. Boy, those were great shakes!!

Skip being dragged into the tech age. Typing on laptop in the dark and glare of fireworks bursting feet away on the fourth. If you knew Skip you'd know how amazing that actually is!

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