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Day 18 (Wed 7/15/09)

Seven is the lucky number - Century rides, Continental Divides so far!!

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ROUTE: Walden to Dillon CO DISTANCE:  100 miles  TOTAL CLIMBING:  5232 feet

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DAILY REPORT:  The weather report called for less wind today and temps in the mid 80's. Once again clear sunny skies were in the forecast. 

This morning for breakfast we went over to the Moose Creek Cafe. When we arrived there were two other bikers just finishing up w/ their breakfast. They were Matt and Ross from Dayton OH. They started on the east coast and were following the TransAm bike route to Astoria OR. Ross had recently graduated and Ross was nearing completion with several more class to knock out. They gave us a few tips and short cuts for today and they worked out very well. Thanks and best of luck on the rest of your ride!

Breakfast was GREAT and was the compliments of Jerry the owner. The breakfast burrito I had rivaled anything I had in ABQ NM and Skip said he had never had any better biscuits and gravy.  Thanks again for all your support and if you ever pass thru Walden make sure you eat at the Moose Creek Cafe'!

The temp was quite chilly when we got up (42 deg). With the sun shinning and beginning to warm things up we actually took off our leg warmers and jackets before we started. It wasn't long after the first one or two small hills we were just fine. It was 34 miles to the first pass/Continental Divide - Muddy Flats @ 8772 ft. Overall we were a little slow to get into a groove; which was fine since the scenery was very nice. We had a rest and water break at Muddy Flats. Granny Carole and Grandpa Bob also showed up while we were there.

It was basically all down hill to Kremmling for lunch. By now we were "in the groove" and made great time. We hit a little construction but otherwise it was a great 28 mile ride. Actually the construction really helped us out. Since they were using a pilot vehicle to 'move" vehicles through a single lane; it resulted on groups of cars passing us every 10 mins or so. This was nice and improved our safety.

We stopped in Kremmling CO at the town park for lunch. We had been biking for 60 miles so it was nice to get off the bike for a bit and rest our buns. Granny Carole and Grandpa Bob had picked up some tasty sticky buns from Rawlings. The boys started first w/ desert today :) After lunch I stopped by the Chamber of Commerce / Visitor center and had a nice conversation with Marty. I promised if she checked out our website; I would put in our journal that they had the nicest bathrooms - and they really do!!

We had 40 miles to go to get to Dillon. Marty had warned us that Rt9 had a lots of traffic, little to no shoulders, and to be careful. And was she right. Traffic wise, this was one busy road. We were constantly having to move over for vehicles. About 10 miles into this up hill climb we were passed by two, day riders. This was the first time we had been passed by anyone on this trip (even if they were just day riders!) So after 10 min or so, James put the hammer down and reeled them in. We then road w/ them for a good 45 mins or so. They both were from Boulder and had taken the day off for a 100 mile ride. One was a professor at Colorado University for City Planning.  We had a nice ride together, conversation and the miles flew by. I think they were amazed at how much mileage the boys were doing.

There were no water locations between lunch and Dillon so we were just beginning to run out of water when we came across Bob and Carole waiting for w/ water. What timing!

With aprox 10 miles outside of Dillon we had our first mechanical issue. When James stood up to begin riding over a hill his chain snapped. Fortunately we had cell coverage and I was able to get hold of Skip to bring the trailer w/ spare parts. He arrived w/in 15 minutes and in no time we had James back on the road. At first I thought maybe after the last two weeks of riding James was "bulking out" just a little too much. Then I recalled back in Jackson, the bike shop had to remove James' chain to grease the rear cog gears. When they did one of the chain links got damaged so they had to shorten the chain by a link. When he told me about that I should have had the shop put a new chain on then and there. Why take chances when you are doing a ride like this? And we were already planning on replacing the the bike chains this weekend during out rest day since we will be around the 2,000 mile mark. Live and learn!

We arrived in Dillon around 1730 and Skip had already checked in at the Super 8 Hotel and talked w/ Hal Williams, manager and fellow biker thanking him for picking up our rooms for the Riding4Hope Team. We really appreciate it, Thanks much!!

After a quick shower we were all off to dinner. I was starved. We went to a brew pub in town which reminded all of us the Silvercity Brew Pub and Restaurant. We sat outside and watched the sun set over the mountains. They had some really good food. We had family and friends swapping stories. Life is Good!

Tomorrow we head over Hoosier Pass @ 11,542 ft!! This is the highest point on the TransAm Trail. It is an ~80 mile day to Buena Vista and if we arrive soon enough we are planning on doing some whitewater rafting through the Brown's Canyon area on the Arkansas River. This is my old stomping grounds many moons ago. While in college I spent a summer working for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and helped w/ the regulations and whitewater river rafting both in Canyon City and Buena Vista. Who would have thought some 25 years later I would be biking through the area w/ my sons. Pretty cool.

Today we crossed the Continental Divide for the seventh time and finished our seventh century ride so far. Oh yea baby keep them coming!!

There are a couple new press releases from some of the towns we have passed through over the last two weeks. They can found under "News & Info

Thanks for joining us.....ride safely and keep the wind to your back!! 

The Riding4Hope Team


(David, John, James & Skip)

Signing out 7/15/09; 0155







James - "My legs are so strong I destroyed my chain!"

Skip - "What there is only one sticky bun w/out nuts?"

John - In the morning Skip had asked John to wipe down the car. When he was finished Ship had asked if John had wiped down the top of the car "I didn't know that people also washed the top of their cars." David "I never heard of that either."

John - "For the last several days I don't have any energy for the last 15 miles. I'm dead."

David - "Maybe you should eat while you ride to keep your energy up." "John replied "Now there's a thought!"

Skip - During dinner commenting on John's clothes "I never thought white belts would come back.'

John - "I am bringing them (white belts) back!"




After James broke his chain we were discussing options. We are aprox ten miles from Dillon where our hotel is. We have called Skip and he should be here in 20 min. 

John "So are we going to just ride into town and leave James here for Skip to pick up?" 

David "What about the buddy system?" 

John "How about I stay w/ James and you ride ahead?" 

David "What about the buddy system?" 

John "So when Skip arrives are we going to put all the bikes in the trailer and drive into town?" 

David "No, we are going to fix James' bike and then ride into town."

John "I didn't think we could fix a broken chain."

David "We have all sorts of repair parts."

John "I didn't know that!"

Do you see a trend here?John wasn't exceptionally excited about biking the last 10 miles into town?



Great place for a good home cooked meal!

Look at those mountains! Do we really have to go over them?

Yes I can read. Notice were John & James are riding!!

James the Navigator today. "You know guys I think we were supposed to take the turn 10 miles back!!"

Yep that is our 7th Continental Divide. How many more times are we going to have to go over this???

Nothing like a good root beer float w/ your Grandpa to make the world right again after a hard day of riding!!

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