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Day 26 (Thur 7/23/09)

Great ride today through Kansas

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ROUTE: Fredonia to Pittsburg, KS DISTANCE:  66 miles TOTAL CLIMBING:  1437 ft

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(This is cool if you like lots of data! It may take a few seconds to load but you can hit play and time compress our ride. )

DAILY REPORT:  Should be another great day for riding. We'll have a southwesterly wind and the temp should be in the low 90's. 

Slept in a little this morning and then worked yesterday's journal article. Felt good to get 6 hours of sleep for a change :) At breakfast I had the opportunity to meet Pam's husband, Lynn who also served in the 101st Airborne. A very nice gentleman. We wish Pam and Lynn all the best!!

Since we only had a little less than 70 miles to ride today (it's hard to believe that when we started 70+ miles was a long ride, now it like nothing to the boys.) we were not rushed to get on the road. So we didn't actually start riding until 1030. We had a gentle tailwind coming from the SW which was nice. It was basically a straight ride to Pittsburg via RT 47 with gentle rolling hills. Today we had our fastest overall ride with an average speed of 19.9 mph. Not too shabby; the boys road well.

Several observations of things that I have noticed while cycling in Kansas are that 1) Everyone and I mean everyone is very friendly. I swear that every person along the road, every tractor out in the field, every home owner sitting on their porch would wave and say hi as we go by. It was just the coolest thing. 2) The drivers have been very courteous. They will give you a wide berth when they pass you, on coming truck traffic moves to their right to minimize the wind blast. Car drivers would wave and give a little honk to make sure we knew they were coming up from behind.  3.) And lastly, I have seen more American flags flown in Kansas than all the other states we have been through combined. Patriotism runs high here.

Since the ride was short, we only had a couple of quick rest stops and opted to forgo lunch and have a big dinner. We are staying at the Super 8 tonight thanks to Bill Wixon who is providing the rooms to Riding4Hope Team for free. We thank you very much!!

After we got in and unpacked, Skip took the boys over to the Lamplighter Hotel who had offered the use of their pool so the boys could cool off and beat the heat of the afternoon. After they returned, we went out to dinner. The boys wanted Chinese and the recommend place was Yummy Buffet. It was actually a nice restaurant and good food.

Back in Jackson Hole I purchased a new pair of cycling shoes because my old pair were being held together with Shoe Goo. Well if you recall I had some problems w/ the cleats, so while I was in Colorado Springs getting John's bike repaired it was determined that I had the old style Look pedals and needed a different pair of cleats. So for the last several days I have been trying to adjust the cleats. They are getting better but my feet fall asleep after 30+ miles. 

Tomorrow's ride is to Marshfield MO. We will be entering our 7th state. This will be 100+ mile ride. I also have added some new articles in the news section that had been recently published. Enjoy!!

Thanks for joining us.....ride safely and keep the wind to your back!! 

The Riding4Hope Team


(David, John, James & Skip)

Signing out 7/23/09; 2330







Royalty-free Clip Art: Blood Thirsty Mosquito Diving Forward And Baring FangsJohn - while riding got hit by a big bug; "Boy the bugs are a lot bigger here in Kansas; I almost got knocked off my bike!"

John - while riding "You know Dad; it is very demoralizing when you pass us going up hill and then you continue to pull away while pedaling backwards!!"

Skip - while we are getting ready to leave in the morning "You know guys; it is pretty embarrassing that I can go back to my room pack out, take a shower and come outside and you are still here."

John - "I feel like I am dragging today. I think maybe I should get to bed earlier and stop watching TV after midnight." Hmmm, you don't say!

bike107.gifDavid - after we just finished riding into Pittsburg against a strong head wind and we were pushing hard averaging 20-22 mph for 5 miles; "Well wasn't that was a lot of fun." John & James said in unison "Dad we need to talk......we need to talk when we get our breath back!" 

Skip - while we were looking for a place to eat dinner, "I'm not eating at any place called 'Yummy'" As it turns out, we had Chinese that night at "Yummy Buffet" 


As Skip was driving along he passed a house that had a number of very cool dinosaur sculptures in their side yard. Skip flagged us down and wanted to have our pictures taken next to them. He knocked on the home owners door but no answer. "Come on you guys, go stand next to the dinosaur...." James replied "Just you wait and see; Mr. Farmer is going to show up with a shotgun. No thanks!!" and the bikers continued on while Skip wandered the property taking pictures!! (Good news no farmer showed up.)


John was the Navigator today. He is responsible for getting the Team from the hotel to the next destination. So when we were all set leave and I asked him were are we going and he replied "I don't know." It was time for a group huddle!!

John & James found a match set of cars. This would sure be a lot easier (and faster) than biking cross country!!

Skip likes to drive and sometimes forgets he in hauling a trailer. So every time we open the trailer were not sure what to expect. This time items were everywhere. Skip points to John's trailer packing job and John asks Skip to stop doing donuts in the parking lot!!

The bikes have been holding up well. This upcoming Saturday, our rest day we are planning on rotating tires, swapping out old chains w/ new, and a few other minor preventive maintenance items. 

James, just another great day for a ride!!

With a name like Yummy you know that it has to be good!!

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