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Day 35 (Sat 8/1/09)

Rest Day @ Fort Knox

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DAILY REPORT:  Weather -- Hmmm over cast and the mid 80's. Great day for just laying around and taking it easy!!. Actually any day is good for that!!

OK, Let's see if I can capture a few items from our rest day:

We slept in until 0900. At that time John was up fixing a pancake breakfast w/sausage. Soon the aroma had wafted through the house and everyone was up. 

After breakfast we got the laundry going and we were ready to head out. Skip's back was still bothering him so he decided to stay at the house and rest his back. The rest of us headed out to FT Knox. We first swung by the post barber so I could get a haircut. I had been getting a little shaggy and wanted to clean it up. Besides, short hair is much cooler while wearing a bike helmet. A quick stop at the commissary and we had all our supplies for the next week. 

I had called about the bike and they were scheduled to be complete by 1530; so we had an hour plus to kill and decided going to the Patton Tank Museum. They had all sorts of tanks from yester year to the present. They had great static displays.  It was a very well put together museum.

From there it was off to pick up the bikes at Outdoor Ventures. Mike had done a great job looking over each bike and tuning it up for the rest of the trip. He had even found water in my crank. Mike wouldn't take any money for his work saying it was on the house for what we were doing for the Wounded Warrior Project. Way nice. If you find your self in the Ft Knox area please stop by and thank Mike. Thank you very much!!

We had dinner that evening at the Doe Run Inn. They had really good "home cooked" food. Originally called Stevenson's Mill, construction on the taller part of the Inn began around 1780 and finished around 1790, the smaller part was added around 1800 and was finished in 1821. Hand-hewn timbers and native limestone were the principle building materials, and each wall is over 24” thick. An old record book shows a payment made to Tom Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln’s father), who worked as a stone mason on the newer part of the building. More history can be found at their website.

After dinner we went back out on the lake to try our luck at catching some blue gills. The fishing was hot and everyone was able to catch a few. It turned out that this was another first for Skip - to actually go fishing. He must have had a sheltered childhood. So we were all quite excited for him when he landed his first fish!




Spent the rest of the evening working on the website. Really started too late since I didn't get to bed until sometime after 3 am and we were supposed to be up for breakfast by 0630. As my old Executive Officer used to say "Sleep when you die!"

The plan for tomorrow is that we will drive over to Bardstown and then bike from there. Distance from where we are staying and the fact that we would have to bike around Ft Knox made this to be the right decision. The weather was looking a little wet in the morning but as it turned out; it blew through faster than expected so we missed some more thundershowers. This is a very good thing!!

 Thanks for joining us.....ride safely and keep the wind to your back!! 

The Riding4Hope Team


(David, John, James & Skip)

Signing out 8/3/09; 0150




Skip - while doing his laundry. "I can't figure out how to work the dryer." James replied, "Is that because there is more than an on/off switch?"

John - While heading out to go fishing on the lake; "I think we should have a little wager on the fishing - first, biggest, most, etc." Guess who caught the first fish - John did!

James - referring to the gift John gave him; "John, this Red Bull rocks!!"




So while we were out on the boat getting all the gear set up, Skip asked what we were going to use as bait for the bluegills. John Scott pulled out two containers of 50 wax worms and said we will be using these. I replied that in order to liven up the wax worms that they needed to "warmed up" so they would be lively for the fish. And to to do that you place them between your cheek and gums. Skip was like no way am I doing that!! Then James gave him a demo (wished I was quicker w/ the camera) and I thought Skip was nearly going to pass out!! It was just too funny!!



Skip fascinated w/ a TV screen saver!

A pancake breakfast out on John's balcony over looking the golf course.

John's B Day gift to the boys -- a case of Red Bull!!

Fort Knox Patton Museum. They had lots and lots of tanks on display outside and inside. Pretty cool!!

Dinner at the Doe Run Inn.

Another first for Skip; fishing and catching a fish. And as they say "Size doesn't matter!"

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